Bregenzerwälder Birnenbrot

Bregenzerwälder Birnenbrot ca. 500g

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Bregenzerwälder Pear Bread, ca 500g

Prepared according an old recipe of the farmers of the Bregenzerwald. Pears, figs, nuts and a little bit schnaps are added.
Sliced and smeared with fresh butter and honey or with cheese, it is a real treat.

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Cereal biscuits

Honey cereal biscuits with oatmeal refined with cranberries

For the energy boost in between

Hand made by Bentele Genuss

about 150 g

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Honey biscuits

Honey biscuits are refined with cinnamon

A delight to every coffee and tea

Hand made by Bentele Genuss

about 150g


€ 7,90
Dead or alive coffee

Dead or alive coffee

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NO COFFEE FOR COMMON PEOPLE With the DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE, especially strong coffee has been roasted in Vorarlberg for about a year. With over 7,500 milligrams of caffeine per pack, the black fabric turns night into day. The "DEADLY STRONG" brings adrenaline kick, heart racing and pure energy - a wake-up maker that has it all. Creamy, nutty-chocolaty coffee, of course always included.


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Hildegard von Bingen Kekse ca. 300g

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Cookies "Hildegard von Bingen" approx 250g

"Hildegard of Bingen" was a healer abbess. She suggested this recipe for strengthening the nerves. Contains big amounts of cinnamon spice and nutmeg. She wrote about the biscuits: "Eat them often, and all the bitterness of your heart and your thoughts dilate, your mind is happy, your senses are pure, reduces all bad juices in you, gives good juice in your blood and makes it strong."



€ 8,40

Butterkeks ca. 300g

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Butter cookies 250g

Delicious Housewives butter cookies. 
They are also quite popular, due to their long storage capability.


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Cantuccini arancia

Cantuccini arancia è zenzero

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Cantuccini arancia è zenzero

An Italian classic - produced in the beautiful country of 100% spelled flour.

Handmade, best quality and baked with passion. That's what makes this pastry so unique.

This variety is with orange and ginger.

150g pack


€ 6,90

Aniskekse ca. 200g

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Cookies with anise, ca 200g

Cookies with anise in the Bregenzerwald has always been a bakery for the entire year
Due to the very long shelf life, they are also very popular

€ 7,90