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Lots of space for a lot of enjoyment

As early as 1987, Werner Bentele discovered beekeeping and distillery as a hobby and realized that his passion lay exactly there.

His hobby soon became his profession and fulfilling life. And already in the year 1997 the company Gebrüder Bentele was founded. The former company headquarters was until recently in Egg / Grossdorf.

Werner Bentele still sees the state law for schnapps distilling as being a great stroke of luck. Fate has meant well with him. This is how the first spirits and schnapps originated. It's not only the distiller himself who realizes that schnapps is not the same as schnapps, his customers also appreciate the high quality that Bentele's produces. At the same time, the honey products of Bentele became known and eventually came the first request, whether Bentele could not offer a company visit. One day the first bus full of curious visitors drove up to Bentele to visit the young and ambitious company. With the offer to offer tours and tastings, Bentele has created a second foothold in addition to its culinary sales.

Since 2013 also in Feldkirch
... in Neustadt 11, opposite the town hall. In order to be able to bring your delicacies even closer to your customers, 2013 saw the takeover of the very traditional delicatessen Culinara. The Culinara is known for its noble vinegars and high quality oils.

then added another Culinara delicatessen in Bregenz, in the middle of the Kaiserstrasse.

Over the years, the company building in Egg / Großdorf became too small and the search for a new location was made. For Werner and his wife Brigitte Bentele, it was quite clear from Anhang that they wanted to stay in the Bregenz Forest with their new business. The Bentele's then found in Alberschwende, directly on the L200 Bregenzerwaldstrasse. After a planning period of 22 months and a record construction time of 6 months, the Bentele's managed to put down an attractive company building.

Now large shop windows invite you to enter the new Genuss-Palast. On 160 m² of retail space, all enjoyment lovers will be offered a wide range of culinary delights, wellness, massage and beauty products. Regionality and solidarity with the Bregenzerwald are reflected in the products of Bentele. In the meantime, with the "Gsiberger" private label, they have achieved a reputation that goes far beyond the borders. From the regional raw material bee honey and the classic distillates arise constantly new, refined delicacies like fine liqueurs, different syrups, marvelous jams or exquisite noble chocolates. A large number of products are openly available, but now more and more customers appreciate this offer to avoid garbage.

A special gift table is always filled with numerous culinary presents, but anyone can also create their own gift and the Bentele pleasure team it is lovingly packaged.

In order to round off the culinary delights in the Bregenzerwald, Bentele's product range includes local specialties as well as products from Austria and Italy. The wide selection of delicatessen, wines, pasta and antipasta as well as 50 different vinegars and oils is not only available in Alberschwende at Bentele Genuss, but also in the two Bentele stores Culinara in Feldkirch and Bregenz.

Bentele bees
A big topic at Bentele has been beekeeping for 30 years. Economizing with 100 bee colonies is part of Werner Bentele's day-to-day work, but at the same time compensates for the otherwise fast-paced time. The beekeeper likes to share his passion with fellow beekeepers and newcomers. In a beekeeper school offered by him it will be possible in the future to get a competent and practical beekeeper training in a 2-year course. During the training each participant looks after his own bee colony. All the facilities and training rooms, the specially designed beekeeping terrace and the roof terrace planted with bees meadows are at your disposal.

Interesting tours
If you would like to get to know all the activities and activities of "Bentele Genuss", you are advised to take part in a guided tour through the ecological new building. On about 2000m ² of work space, spread over 3 levels, there are next to production and sales rooms nor the brand new show distillery. There the visitor gets an insight into the production of distillates and expert knowledge. Of course, tastings of fine brandies and culinary delights during the visit to the new company location are not enough.