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Wohlfühl Tee

Wohlfühl Tee - Der Klang des Lebens

SKU: 91101

Wellness Tea

The feel-good tea is harmonious, fresh and invigorating. The carefully selected herbs stimulate the organism without upsetting it. They bring everything to flow, they purify and clarify.

Mallow leaves, Mallow flowers, Lemon balm, Marigold, Peppermint, Sage, Cornflower, Hyssop.
30g / box

€ 8,90
Vital Aktiv Tee

vital aktiv Tee - Den Lebenstraum wecken

SKU: 91118

Vitale Active Tea

A wonderfully colorful mixture of lemon balm, mallow, calendula, thyme, apple mint, organic mint and cornflower. The flavors unfold most ideally with a brewing time of 5 - 7 minutes. Naturally picked by hand and dried very gently.
30g / box

€ 8,90
Harmonie Tee

Harmonie Tee - Fühle das Leben

SKU: 91125

Harmonie tea

This mixture can be drunken all  day. This tea is leading you trough the day with harmony. Very good for the stomach, too.
Taste: flowery and fruity.
Ingredients: agrimony, hemp, apple mint, marigold, orange mint, melisse./30g / can

€ 8,90
Gute Nacht Tee

Gute Nacht Tee - Die Melodie des Lebens

SKU: 91132

Good Night Tea

The tea blend "Good night" is for the evening. So after a hard day's work, the body and nerves find peace again, and you a good night's sleep.

Lemon balm, lavender, woodruff, pansy, hops
30g / box

€ 8,90
Tagesbegleiter Tee

Tagesbegleiter Tee - Zeit zum Leben

SKU: 91149

Day companion tea

The refreshing minty tea opens the mind and increases concentration.

Peppermint, lemon balm, cornflower, marigold, golden melissa
30g / box

€ 8,90
Warm & Kalt Tee

Warm & Kalt Tee - Die belebende Frische

SKU: 91156

Warm Cold Tea

Warming in winter and cooling in summer.

This tea blend is an asset to any tea lover. Our tip: can be mixed with fruit juice as an "iced tea"

Orange mint, lemon balm, yarrow, ribwort, woodruff.
30g / box

€ 8,90
Kräuterfeen Tee

Kräuterfeen Tee - Fröhlich den Tag leben

SKU: 91163

Herbal Fairies Tea

Thanks to marshmallow leaves and mullein, the fairy Tea mix is beneficial for the bronchial tubes in case of coughing and hoarseness. This tea is also wonderful for children.

Marshmallow leaves, lady's mantle, labweed, verbena, calendula, mullein, monarda
30g / box

€ 8,90
Kinderzauber Tee

Kinderzauber Tee - Die Liebe des Lebens

SKU: 91170

Children's magic tea

Children's Magic Tea is a harmonious blend for the whole day. Soothing for the bronchial tubes, even when you have a fever. Takes the inflammation. The mucus can get better, thanks to the cowslip.

Stinging nettle, hyssop, sage, cowslip, marshmallow blossom.
30g / box

€ 8,90
Schlank & Fit Tee

Schlank und Fit Tee - Die Lebensfreude wecken

SKU: 91187

Slim & Fit Tea

Need a detox? The high percentage of cleansing nettle helps to detoxify the body.

Stinging nettle, pansies, verbena, daisies, horsetail, labweed.
30g / box

€ 8,90
Trink Kur Tee

Trinkkur Tee - Vitalität im Leben

SKU: 91194

Tea to get rid of excess water

This tea discharges excess water from your body through a special herbal mixture. If you drink two to three cups of this tea when the moon is decreasing, the effect is a lot better.

Stinging nettle, yarrow, dandelion, ribwort, berber.
30g / box

€ 8,90
Heilfasten Tee

Heilfasten Tee - Das Lebensfeuer entfachen

SKU: 91200

Tea for fasting

This detoxifying tea blend unfolds a particularly powerful effect when the moon wanes. Due to the detoxifying effect of the stinging nettle, substances are expelled that could lead to rheumatism, gout and muscle problems.

Stinging nettle, marshmallow leaves, goldenrod, sage, verbena, tarragon, dandelion
30g / box

€ 8,90
Fitalquelle Tee

Fitalquelle Tee - Die Würze des Lebens

SKU: 91217

Vital Source Tea

Recommended if you want to reduce some excess weight. This particularly fine herbal mixture helps the body to purify and get rid of the toxins.

Stinging nettle, sage, yarrow, peppermint, labweed
30g / box

€ 8,90