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Flachmann Austria

Flachmann - Austria ca. 200ml

SKU: Fl01

Hip flask - Austria approx. 200ml

Very nice flask made of steel with sheathing made of real beech wood. The perfect and personal gift for almost any occasion. The hip flask is not only a great eye-catcher, but also the ideal companion for the next ski tour, hike and mountain tours.

approx. 200ml filling possible, will be sent empty

€ 16,90
Flachmann Gipfelstürmer

Flachmann - Gipfelstürmer ca. 200ml

SKU: Fl03

Hip flask - summiteers about 200ml

Constructed of steel and beechwood, the summit climber Flachmann convinces with its high-quality workmanship and appearance, as it is solid and robust. He has an eyelet secured screw cap, so there can be no loss of the lid. The hip flask is an ideal gift idea for summiteers, or those who want to become one.

approx. 200ml capacity, will be sent empty

€ 16,90
Flachmann Weidmannsheil

Flachmann - Weidmanns Heil ca. 200ml

SKU: Fl02

Hip flask - Weidmanns Heil ca. 200ml

This hip flask offers a great combination of stainless steel and real beech wood. He impresses with a high-quality workmanship and compact design. The hip flask fits perfectly in the breast pocket and is therefore always within reach. Its wooden design makes it a great gift idea for nature friends, hunters, forestry workers and hikers.

approx. 200ml capacity, will be sent empty

€ 16,90
Grappa Gläser

Grappa Gläser

SKU: 40024

Grappa Glases, 6 pieces

The ideal glass for smooth fine fruit brandies

€ 41,90
Glasdosierer 2 cl

Glasdosiere 2 CL

SKU: 40031

Dispenser, 2cl


Not only stylish but also really practical! The ball fits 2cl and the handling is very easy.

€ 15,90