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"Leckarle" - Bregenzerwälder Honig-Lebkuchen

SKU: 40124

"Leckarle" - Bregenzerwald honey gingerbread

Behind this unusual name hide wonderfully fragrant gingerbread.

Cinnamon, cloves, allspice, coriander, ginger, cardamom and nutmeg join the spice mixture and this delicacy, which not only fits perfectly into the backpack for autumn walks but also wonderfully with butter and honey for afternoon coffee.

12 pieces per pack

€ 5,90

Bregenzerwälder Süßmost 5Liter

SKU: Most01

Bregenzerwald sweet must 5 liters

Just at the tree and already find the apples and pears of the new year their place as a refreshing sweet must for hearty snack in our bag-in-box with the tap for practical use.

Pasteurized in 5 liter packaging.

€ 8,90
Bea Basis

Bea Basis - Bassen Cracker

SKU: bea basis

Bea Base - Bate Crackers

Enjoy the morning - with rest through the day

Buckwheat is my base, flaked and ground. Add a touch of sesame, so that the thoughts can spread. I'm there for the brain, was checked for heart and kidney.

My effect: clearly acid-balancing and blister-binding. Also quite detoxifying

Tip from us, goes very well with wine and cheese

about 150g

€ 7,90
Alex Aktiv

Alex Aktiv Hirse-Mais Cracker

SKU: alexaktiv

Alex Active millet corn crackers

Good mood by the moment - refueled and on the move

As a companion for the enterprising, I'm just the thing. Fully millet-flopped and corn-dusted. Iron, magnesium and silicon are on top of it, so that the fascia rejoice and the energy does not flute.

My effect: Actively activating, building for cells and muscles

Tip from us, goes very well with wine and cheese

about 150g

€ 7,90
Valli Vital

Valli Vital Buchweizen Cracker

SKU: ValliVitalCracker

Valli Vital Buckwheat Cracker

Relaxed from the ground up - awake and full on the road

I am rich in the protein treasury, even richer when it comes to complex carbohydrates. There is enough ballast material. The intestine and with it the whole immune system is happy.

My effect: Inhibiting inflammation and strong in bone structure. In addition come a lot of folic acid and loud B vitamins

Tip from us, goes very well with wine and cheese

about 150g

€ 7,90