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Schwedenbitter 0,3l

Schwedenbitter mit Bienenhonig 0,3l


Swedish bitter with bee honey 0,3l

Swedish Herb is a herbal mixture for making a herbal bitters. A well-known and very popular home remedy is said to have a beneficial and partly healing effect. The finished tincture is known as Swedish bitter. The Swedish bitters help, among other things, in liver and gall bladder problems, as well as in gastrointestinal complaints and much more.

Ingredients: Bee honey, wormwood, cormorant root, theriac, calamus root, myrrh, nutmeg, gentian root, angelica root, tormentil root, camphor, saffron

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Holunderblütensirup 0,2l

Holunderblüten Sirup 0,2l

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Elderflower syrup 0,2l

Only the most beautiful and fragrant flowers were collected for this wonderful syrup and lovingly crafted.

A fantastic thirst quencher or with Prosecco as an aperitif.

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Pfefferminz Sirup

Pfefferminz Sirup 0,2l

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Peppermint syrup 0,2l

In whichever drinks you use the syrup, refine with peppermint syrup is always a taste experience. A pleasure refreshed in the summer.So tastes the mint from the garden in every season. Also suitable as a gift is the syrup. Because beautifully packaged, you can give the taste of your own garden!

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Rhabarber Sirup

Rhabarber Sirup 0,2l

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Rhubarb syrup 0,2l

For real rhubarb fans, the rhubarb syrup tastes sour-fine and very refreshing! The best in bubbly water or with a prosecco and a little mint as an aperitif.

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Salbei-Zitronen Sirup

Salbei-Zitronen Sirup 0,2l

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Sage-lemon syrup 0,2l

Tastes great as lemonade with mineral water or as an ingredient for gin cocktails. Be surprised by this mild and special lemonade syrup made from sage.

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