Schwarzenberg – Angelika Kauffmann

10.00 am

Village tour in Schwarzenberg with a visit of the church with paintings of the famous painter Angelika Kauffmann

Schwarzenberg's unique historic village center welcomes you. During the tour, you will visit the widely known parish church, where you can admire the frescoes of the famous painter Angelika Kauffmann, painted in 1757. As a 16 year old she already painted the apostle heads.

11.30 am

Alpine area "Schönebach" near Bizau

The next stop is at the alpine area "Schönebach" near Bizau. Originally preserved Bregenzerwald alpine chalets along a small river, surrounded by a beautiful mountain scenery. A paradise that is perfect for relaxing and hiking. For lunch stop by at the restaurant of the Egender family.

15.00 pm

Visit of the beekeeping and show distillery of the Bentele family in Alberschwende with small tasting

The bentele family will say Welcome with a „Welcome Schnaps“ and will guide you through their beekeeping and show destillery. In the apiculture you will get an insight into the world of beekeeping and the production of very valuable honey. During the guided tour through the distillery, you will experience the history of noble brandies from mash to distillation. They will also introduce you to a various range of products: schnaps, liquer, massage products, homemade chocolates, cheese and sausages from the Bregenzerwald. A wide assortment of peasant products from the Bregenzerwald will surely convince the visitors.

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