Nostalgia & enjoyment

10.45 am

Tour with the historic steam train „Bregenzerwälderbähnle“ from Schwarzenberg to Bezau

A left over from the times of the k.u.k. monarchy Austria-Hungary…this train ist still driving today with the old traditional waggons . During the years 1902 – 1980 it was the connection from Bregenz to Bezau. 1985 a society was founded to keep up with this old tradition and now the train is driving between Schwarzenberg and Bezau….still with steam…along a picturesque landscape……lean back and relax

11.15 am

Visit of the "cheese house" in Andelsbuch

The cheese house of the Bregenzerwald is a marketplace of local agriculture! Farmers and dairies supply the Bregenzerwald cheese house with a unique variety of farm products.
The dairy man already warms the milk for you to demonstrate you how cheese is made. He is at work with heart and soul, likes to be looked over his shoulder and knows a lot about the Bregenzerwald, the culture and the people who live here. Of course, you may also taste some cheese!

13.00 pm

Take a rest at a local restaurant

36 restaurants of the Bregenzerwald bear the hallmark "Bregenzerwald cheese host ". We recommend a traditional and hearty menu – the „Kässpätzle“ with salad and desert. Or you request a menu suggestion.

14.30 pm

Visit of the beekeeping and show distillery of the Bentele family in Alberschwende with small tasting

The bentele family will say Welcome with a „Welcome Schnaps“ and will guide you through their beekeeping and show destillery. In the apiculture you will get an insight into the world of beekeeping and the production of very valuable honey. During the guided tour through the distillery, you will experience the history of noble brandies from mash to distillation. They will also introduce you to a various range of products: schnaps, liquer, massage products, homemade chocolates, cheese and sausages from the Bregenzerwald. A wide assortment of peasant products from the Bregenzerwald will surely convince the visitors.

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